Mohammed Bijeh

Mohammed Bijeh raped and killed 16 boys between March and September 2004 in Pakdasht, Iran. He tricked the boys into the desert by telling them that they were going hunting. Once he’d finished with them, he buried their bodies in shallow, sandy graves, earning him his nickname—the “Iranian Desert Vampire.”

Bijeh received 16 death sentences—one for each boy he killed—as well as 100 lashes for the rapes. He was publicly executed in Pakdasht on March 16, 2005, his execution attended by over 5,000 people who booed and threw stones at him as he was flogged. At one point, a brother of his one of his victims broke through the crowd and stabbed him in the back.

After receiving his lashes, Bijeh was tied to one end of a rope while the other end was attached to a crane. The crane then lifted him up by the neck till he died.

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